Writers Helping Other Writers: Try Writing A Writing Website Review
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Writers Helping Other Writers: Try Writing A Writing Website Review

By writing a writing website review you can help other writers while making money yourself.

With the poor economy, lack of jobs, and changing attitudes many online writers are no longer writing simply for the joy or writing and those few extra bucks. For many writers article writing is no longer a hobby but, a job where they make a bulk of the income that is necessary for living.

That is why most writers not only appreciate the support they get from other writers but, they come to depend on it. Only another writer can understand why we keep pounding away at the keyboard day after day. That is why we support one another by reading each others work and helping to promote it in whatever small ways we can. But there is another way that we writers can help one another.

Most of us, use multiple writing sites to make our money. However, oftentimes we search long and hard to find another writing site only to discover that writers we know have known about the site for some time. A great way to help other writers while perhaps earning a few pennies for your yourself is to write and publish a review of some the writing sites that you have found useful.

I have done a few such reviews and the articles always do well which means there are people out there who are interested in finding new writing sites. Some of these people are established writers looking for other places to write and some I suspect are new writers looking for a place to start.

By writing a website review you can not only inform others about sites out there that are working for you but, can give them at least some initial insight into how the site works which will help the new writer get up and running much faster. The information will also help people decide if a site is worth their time checking out as some writers prefer some type of sites more than others and some writers prefer a certain pay scale for their articles.

While some writers won't like the idea of posting such reviews because they worry about the competition cutting into their own views I feel that by building a supporting network of writers you know and trust on each site can benefit us all. Most of all by sharing whatever knowledge about writing we can with one another we can all become better and more successful at our trade.

Writing site reviews are a great way for writers to help one another and open more doors for us all.

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Comments (5)

I fully agree with your well written article.In today's economy one needs to have online friends to support each other. Promoted since I am out of votes.

yup, its good to recommend sites once you know they work and can be trusted.

Very wonderful of you. I love your points...

Great suggestion! I enjoy sharing such sites.

How true, I'm new at this writing business. I always look for reviews of writing sites. Currently I'm just writing for Factoidz and Triond.