Work from Home: Hand Knitting for Profit
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Work from Home: Hand Knitting for Profit

If you knit, you can make money from it in more ways than one.

Would you like to make money by knitting? It seems almost impossible to make more than pocket change with an occasional "big ticket" sale now and then if you just knit for customers. There are various ways to increase your knitting income, though. Let's look around a little.

Other than department stores that carry yarn as a small part of their inventory, stores that specialize in yarn or crafts will often have swatches or samples hanging near a yarn disply. This is to show the customer what the yarn looks like and how it feels when it's worked up. If your craft or yarn store doesn't have these samples, perhaps they haven't thought of it, or perhaps they don't have anyone who can do it at the moment. There's your opportunity, so take it.

If your store has samples, someone has to knit them up and it still could be you. Contact the manager of the yarn store or of the department in a craft store and ask. Sometimes the samples will be knitted by someone who works there, but sometimes they need others to knit them, too. You won't know if you don't ask.

Selling hand knit items online has come a long way over the past few years. There was a time when it was a lost cause to try to sell anything handmade online, but with eBay becoming better known to more households and the advent of Etsy, it's much easier. There are other places to sell your hand knits online, so look around before settling on one, or use several at one time.

For most knitters, selling online is ideal because they don't have to advertise or meet impossible deadlines. Online selling allows you to offer what you already have or what you know you can knit within a reasonable time frame.

If you prefer to sell your items locally, consider custom knitting. If you can resize a pattern to allow for wider shoulders, for instance, or if you can make a buttonless cardigan instead of one with a row of buttons, let people know. An ad placed at the right time can bring you some quality business.

Christmas is traditionally the best time to sell handmades for gifts, but think of new spring outfits, special Valentine's Day items and so on. Knit and advertise ahead of the seasons so you'll be prepared. Make seasonal specialties like Christmas stockings, lamb and duck stuffed toys for Easter and shawls and jackets for autumn.

Treat sales of hand knits like you would a business. Advertise but watch the advertising costs. Get business cards, use word of mouth advertising, put notices on free bulletin boards. If you don't get enough business, then consider buying ads in your local newspaper.

Making money with knitting can be fun. If you knit, why not?

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Comments (10)

Great writing Pat and always so very practical...I wonder why I don't think of these like you do? LOL

But you think of other great things, Beverly! :)

Excellent work

Good sharing and practical tips for the work at home persons.


very interesting, thanks

Nice share!

Some years ago I made money by knitting. just as a hobby. But it was fun. Thanks for reminding of this way to earn and create at the same time.

This is excellent work.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your responses