The Two Most Prominent Survey Service Providers. Comparison. Global Test Market Vs Panda Research
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The Two Most Prominent Survey Service Providers. Comparison. Global Test Market Vs Panda Research

In this report

This comparison report aims to compare and analyses the two most prominent online survey service providers  namely, Global Test Market and Panda research .Normally, people are more eager to get knowledge as to which is the best place to join between the two. Moreover, people would tend to seek information as to which is more legitimate so that they would not fall into scams and waste their valuable time. Thus to give people a better understanding of earnings, payment method, rate of surveys, customer support and issues regarding legitimacy  of  Global Test Market and Panda Research, this comparison report has been made.

#1 - Global Test Market

Global Test Market is a renowned survey service provider in the market research which offers paid surveys to its members from all over the world. They allows surveyor to share his opinion and help companies with their market research. The members of the company exceed 5 million from different nationalities. They have a vast market in the world. The lines below give few pros and cons of the most prominent paid survey providers namely, Global Test Market.


  • A participant can join the company for free.
  • It is open to all nationalities.
  • Participant must be 14 years of age to join.
  • A diverse variety of surveys are available.
  • Payment method is based on checks.
  • Surveys are sent out through emails on weekly basis.
  • Customer support service is very responsive.


  • Non U.S members can face problems regarding payment method as Global Test Market offers U.S checks only.
#2 - Panda Research

Panda research is a distinct and one of the two most prominent name in online paid survey service providers. Only U.S residents can join for membership. There is an updated database available on their website so that every member has the access to navigate through the surveys. Members must have to use internet explorer for secure payments. The surveys are conducted from assorted fields of life. They offer a very attractive compensation plan. The layout and the font of the website is very impressive. The pros and cons listed below give a detail review and a concise comparison of panda research.


  • Members are paid by cash, free samples products or gift certificates.
  • Payment method is followed by pay pal.
  • Members can get 0.03$ to 0.25$ by just reading emails of advertisers.
  • Members will get 10% from the referral payments through referral scheme.
  • They offer effective customer support.


  • They offers 50$ threshold which is difficult to gain.

Members are not allowed to use any other browser except internet explorer for getting paid.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, both global test market and panda research are renowned online survey service providers. They have made a distinct place in market research. Both of the two most prominent companies have pros and cons. As the question of which is better between these two, Global test market would be a great choice because it is open to all the continents of the world. There is no residency limitation to follow. It is for everyone from anywhere in the world. In contrast, panda research is open to only U.S citizens. They offers more comfortable payment method and a good compensation plan. However, both the companies give a maximum level of satisfaction to their members. They both are consistent and real paying websites so it is good to work on these two.

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Thank you for your valuable content.I will return with a vote.

Thanks Roberta.I acknowledged your appreciation.

I am returning with a well deserved vote up.!

I've used Global Test Market and have been paid by them twice. They also have a $50 thresh-hold to receive payment. A friend of mine won a $5,000 sweepstake and was paid by them. I've never used Panda research because I've read negative things about them, however maybe I will give them a second look now.