Survey Networks Vs. Global Test Market
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Survey Networks Vs. Global Test Market

In this report

Are you looking at surveys for a means to make extra money at home?  With so many options to choose from, it is difficult to sometimes come across the best opportunity that will legitimately help you earn a decent part time income. Time is precious, and it may be tough to decide between Survey Networks and Global Test Market when you are taking surveys.  If you base your earnings on luck of winning the sweepstakes, then it is difficult to choose, since both sites offer them.  If you are concerned about your email getting stuffed with survey invitations, it may be hard to decide who sends less e-mails.  Often, you want those emails to come in, however, because they are survey invitations.  I recommend using a separate email exclusively for surveys, so you do not have to sift through them to get to your other emails in your personal email account.  A consumer may be afraid they do not have time to participate in both survey companies.  They might not know which will earn more quick cash for them, since Global Test Market pays in cash, and Survey Networks has many partner sites that also happen to be survey sites where you can earn cash.  

#1 - Survey Networks

What makes Survey Networks better?

  • You do not need a username and password to continue on with surveys sponsored by Survey Networks.  On the information page, however, you do need to checkmark an option that states, "Yes, please remember my information".
  • Survey Networks has one of the largest prize opportunities in the marketplace.  Most other survey companies either pay by smaller prizes, points, or small amounts of cash.  The Grand Prize is $50,000.00.
  • Survey Networks clearly lists the past winners of the drawings on the website.  
  • You can mail a 3.5 x 5.5 card to Survey Networks with your name, age, mailing address, and e-mail if you do not wish to give your phone number.  

What are its weaknesses?

  • Survey Networks can get a little frustrating with having to navigate through a bunch of ads you have to fill in to meet certain requirements of its sponsors.
  • Often, you have to buy something to see any reward outside of the sweepstakes.
  • You cannot make quick cash on just Survey Networks itself.

There is no pricing on Survey Networks, other than the potential price you pay for the services of their various partners.  There is no fee to sign up.  

#2 - Global Test Market

What makes Global Test Market better?

  • Members are compensated in the form of money for filling out surveys.
  • Global Test Market e-mails its members numerous surveys in the span of a week.
  • Surveys that members do end up qualifying for can be worth tens of points, which convert into money.
  • Even if you do not qualify for a survey you are rewarded in some form for the time that you took out of your day in an attempt to qualify for the survey.

What are its weaknesses?

  • It is hard to reach the cash threshold, which is $50.00.  It could take you a few months
  • I have personally used this site, and I am told quite often that I do not qualify for the survey, after I have put in a lot of time into it.  I wish they would tell you up front on a survey, as many other sites do.  

There is no pricing for Global Test Market.  It is free to join.  

The Bottom Line

Survey Networks is better for the consumer who has less time on their hands and purely wants to enter a few sweepstakes.  They are hoping to win big money.  They may have a similar mindset of a gambler.  Global Test Market is better for those who want to actually earn cash, as opposed to just a sweepstakes.  Global Test Market is great for those consumers who are stay at home moms, students, currently unemployed or employed part time, because it takes a lot of time to complete many of these surveys.  Survey Networks is better for consumers who want to get involved in many different survey companies quickly.  Often, they can pick the quick five to ten minute surveys to take if they do not have much time on their hands, through signing up with the different companies is partnered with.  In all fairness, Global Test Market has quite a few reputable survey companies they partner with as well, and they are worth signing up for.  Survey Networks is better for people with money to spare, because you need to pay for many of the offers.  Global Test Market can essentially be done if you do not have one penny to your name, considering you have a computer and Internet access.  

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