Sex Sells, But So Do Fetishes
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Sex Sells, But So Do Fetishes

Sex really does sell. Learn how many people make a living from home.

As an online prospector for ways of making cash, I have been writing books, online articles, and much more. I have known of many ways to make money on the internet that pay much better than doing what I do, writing. However these are things that first of all I would not do and second of all they are against my morals. I recently discovered something through a source of mine that I have looked into. It is a site similar to the sites that are against my morals but in this case it also offers other possibilities that I would consider possible. After much great debate, I still believe myself to be a writer and an entertainer but nothing like the people I found on this site.

This site allows you to start an account and either create videos, clips, or other media to sell of sexual acts within their criteria or fetishes. Yes that’s right fetishes that have nothing to do with sex made for people who are turned on by them sexually. Some of these videos are as low key as men and women jiggling their fat stomachs or eating food int front of a camera. I have even seen someone who cleans their house all day long. Believe it or not these videos are very popular. So popular in fact that not only do they get a lot of hits and views, but the company hosting the site makes millions of dollars off of these videos. Those people making the videos make quite a profit as well.

Does this sound like something that you would consider doing? I thought about it and tried to think of anything that was non-sexual to sell however with the notion that someone would be paying to watch anything I upload in a possibly sexual manner I had to decline the idea. My money would be made elsewhere and I stick with my passion of writing. For years we have always known that sex sells anything. With sites like this one in circulation I know that belief still holds truth.

If you or someone you know has ever taken part in sites like this one feel free to share your insight and leave comments on this articles below.

It is not a child friendly site so if you are going to check it out do not do so with any young viewers around. This site is used by several people I have spoken with and they amass large amounts of money greater than I could hope to make in my career as a writer.

Some people write on the same sites as I do about sexual content or related subject matter. No matter what you are into, the sites I write for can support it so long as it can be read by the general public. In other words you cannot upload or write about such material that is considered to be illicit, sexually oriented for adults, or otherwise inappropriate for young viewers and readers.

Article by Kevin C Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”

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Comments (5)

Name a fetish and it's somewhere on the Internet. Google has "punished" your article with no ads. I have the same ad no-show on my article on tragic Playboy Playmates. Google doesn't like the mere mention of sex.

That's amazing! Thanks for informing me about that. Perhaps this is an article meant for an alternate site.

Interesting . . .

A very interesting article and ensuing discussion. There seems to be a lot of that stuff on Triond these days, which is one reason I prefer Factoidz. I like the image at the top LOL.

I think Triond is trying to change that with their "Flag" option. Fisher was very hot back in the 70's and 80's so I had to use her pic from Jedi. lol