Making Money Online Writing
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Making Money Online Writing

Ways to make money at home from the comfort of your couch are fast becoming popular. Learn about two of the most popular types of sites available when choosing that writing is the way you want to make your online pocket money.

If you can write a decent sentence, understand where to put a full stop and that “i” is before “e” except after “c”, writing articles online may be the right way for you to make some money on the World Wide Web. There are numerous websites that offer articles and projects for you to apply and hopefully get accepted for and others that allow you to submit your work on topics after which the website moderators then decide how much your work is worth.

Most sites offer you the chance to take tests, or exams that have been uploaded to the website. The results of these are then linked to your profile for potential employers to see. Websites such as “freelancer” offer exams that you are able to sit for once you pay the $5 fee. There are however two or three free exams that are able to be sat. Exams offered in the writing field cover academic writing, blogging and basic English skills. This website works in the way that you apply for a project by making a bid of how much you are willing to undertake it for (in dollars) then the employer must approve you before you are able to begin working.

Another website that has proven to be quite popular is “factoidz”. This site requests your make a profile, as does “freelancer”. Then you are able to choose whether you wish to begin writing reviews of products or articles, some articles have set topics, others you can write about anything you wish. “Factoidz” is a site that works by assessing how much your article or review is worth before it is published on the site and any payment is made.

It just goes to show that writing online can be tricky to get your foot in the door. On websites like “freelancer” it does help to have good recommendations and samples of your work as it is easier for the potential employer to assess your ability. Websites that follow the same structure as “factoidz” sometimes make it tricky for you as a writer as you are unsure as to whether you will be getting a payment for your work until after you have submitted it and the moderators of the site have assessed it.

Both websites offer you the option of writing in many different formalities. A few examples of writing these sites both offer are academic writing, travel writing, review writing, children’s fiction, adult fiction and ghost-writing. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to be creative, it all depends on what type of project you choose to take on.

As long as you are confident in your work and you are willing to take some time and communicate with other writers, put the effort in before you expect to be making money and keep to your deadlines, as a writer online, the possibilities are endless and there is huge potential to make a lot of money. All it takes is a little patience, hard work and perseverance and you could quite possibly be on your way to making decent money online.

Other ways of making money online are easy to find, its just knowing what to look for and what suits you.  Click to see if online surveys are right for you.

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