Make Money Now with Door to Door Candy Sales
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Make Money Now with Door to Door Candy Sales

Be in Business Making Money for Less than $100.

There are so many promising opportunities to make money, but, more often than not, the initial investment is out of reach for most folks in need of a simple uncomplicated means of making money. Candy sales and cookie sales are main sources of income for many non-profit organizations.The Girl Scouts do it every year with their annual cookie sale drives familiar to all of us, In fact, most of us are customers. Folks are accustomed to kids selling candy and cookies at the doorstep, usually to raise money for some worthy cause, or even sports equipment for the local team. Not only are most folks accustomed to teens coming to the door, but they are prepared to purchase. This is a ready and willing market available to all entrepreneurs for there is no need to be a charity or a non-profit organization to sell candy door to door.

 There are legal requirements, but none that should require the need of an attorney. You first must register your candy business in the town in which you live if you intend to work out of your house. The simpler the name the better, for instance:   "The Candy Plan", of whatever town or city in which you live would suffice. Once you have established your business you should next contact a candy wholesaler. Tell the wholesaler what you intend to do, and that you will initially be purchasing product daily for each day's expected sales. Your first purchase should be less than $100. You may want to consider buying peanut brittle or cookies that can handle the heat of the day. Chocolate melts fast once away from air conditioning.


You can begin with your own children or some of the local teens.  Make sure all are old enough to get working papers. Depending on your local laws working papers may not be required. A good rule of thumb would be the age typical of newspaper boys and girls. Obviously, working with teens is a very responsible task. When on the streets selling door to door constant contact, and knowing where everyone is at all times is an absolute must. This is not an insurmountable task because it's done everyday with many organizations using teens to sell and raise money. If you live in or near the city there are many young good kids in need of money, and would love to have a job.


  The sales presentation is the easiest part of the business because its telling the truth. This is a business that will be doing good while you'll be doing well. It's a fact that busy kids stay out of trouble. And this business is designed to keep kids busy while earning money to help with their own personal needs, and in some instances contribute to family needs. It's important that the kids are paid well for the venture to be successful. You want them smiling at the door selling the candy. So, here's how it works:   You are to equip each kid with an 8x11 sheet of paper that explains everything in big bold print that can be read at a glance. Example:   "Hi my name is Bobby Shea.  I work for "The Candy Plan" It's a Proven Fact that Busy Kids Stay Out of Trouble. I Earn Fifty Cents for each Box of Candy You Buy. Could You Please Buy One or Two Boxes? No Donations Please!".


Your price point should be around $2.50 a box to assure many sales. Your product cost should not exceed fifty cents and it should be the best that you can buy for the money, and, if possible, not an item easily found is stores. If it is a brand or product commonly found in stores then your price point should not exceed the store price by a great margin. If your product is good then coming back to the same neighborhoods will result in at least the same sales.


Before you enter any territory to canvas and sell a product, you must first clear it with the local police. You must identify yourself and your business and the names of all your sales people. A good idea would be to have a photo available of each kid for the police, if needed. I would not include any personal info with the photos for possible individual privacy concerns. Also, it is usually required to let the police know specifically which neighborhoods you'll be canvassing, and the hours you'll all be working. Some areas may have restrictions on door to door sales, but don't let that deter you for there are plenty of towns that allow canvassing. Also, never pass off what you are doing as a charity or non-profit. The strength of this business is the fact that it is a business and not a charity. The kids will learn valuable lessons about so many things too numerous to mention in this article, and the money earned will also teach a valuable lesson, and do a lot of good.


You'll find that a typical day with homes or residences close to each other,  sales per canvasser should amount to 50 to a 100 boxes of candy. Like with all businesses there are other issues, but what has been outlined in this factoid is sufficient enough to get you going on the road selling candy. You'll soon learn that the three things in life you can count on are taxes, death, and candy sales.

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