How to Start and Operate a Copier Repair Business
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How to Start and Operate a Copier Repair Business

Learning how to create your own job is the best way to make a living. Think seriously about starting a copier repair business.

Learning how to start and operate a copier repair business is an excellent way to make money and retire early. There are thousands of copy machines that are thrown away each day and many of them can be repaired. Almost every home or business has a copy machine. In 2008, the highest paid copier repair technicians were paid up to $28.41 an hour. The opportunity does exist for individuals to make a living in this business. Most business owners will be installing, maintaining, and repairing copy machines. This business can be started with less that $2,000 on a shoe string budget. Keep on reading to learn more information about how to start and operate a copier repair business.

Things You’ll Need

• Copier Repair Training

• Supplier and Manufacturer Parts

• Technician Repair Tool Kit

• Reliable Transportation

Step 1 Copier Education and Training

Enroll into a copier repair training program and learn how to start and operate a copier repair business. Try to enter a Basic Electronics Certification Competency program to get the best training. Complete the copier repair program requirements and receive the certificate or diploma. Read the book “Professional Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair” by Erick Kuaimoku to learn more about the profession. Interview business owners to find out how they started a copier repair business and copy them.

Step 2 Work with Copier Manufacturers and Suppliers

Contact manufacturers and suppliers to learn how to start and operate a copier repair business. Call at least twenty copier supply companies or copier parts companies and request a catalog from each vendor. Write down all the vendors contact information so that they can be contacted quickly when supply parts are needed. Find these companies very easily by using the Internet as tool to get started in the right direction. Do not forget to search the local yellow pages for assistance when trying to find suppliers and manufacturers.

Step 3 Business License Tax ID Numbers

Take a trip to the local city hall or county office and ask the clerk what are the procedures for obtaining a copier repair business license. Follow the instructions from the clerk and complete all the necessary paperwork. Register the business as a sole proprietorship on the application to make the process easier. Call the state Department of Revenue in your state and apply for a tax ID number. Contact the Internal Revenue Service and apply for federal tax ID number. You’ll need tax ID numbers to pay taxes.

Step 4 Copier Repair Business Plan

Develop a business plan to learn how to start and operate a copier repair business. Business owners that do not know how to write a business plan can get help at the Small Business Administration (SBA) website at Write the marking plan to show how the business is going to attract and keep customers. Implement a management section to explain in detail what steps are going to be taken to operate the copier repair business each day. Prepare financial statements so that every dollar that is spent is accounted for in the business. Review the business plan frequently to make sure the plan is being followed as planned.

Step 5 Copier Repair Daily Operations

Be prepared to repair machines at home to learn how to start and operate a copy repair business. Work from home until enough revenue is generated to expand the business. Visit a print shop in your area and order business cards and flyers and then pass them out to potential customers in the target area. Remember to focus on and target homeowners, schools, hospitals, medical offices, government offices, small businesses, and any place that may have a copier machine. Work hard and treat all customers fairly and perform excellent service at a reasonable price.


• Repair machines at office locations.

• Always arrive on time for customers.

• Use a mobile device for communicating


• Always be honest with clients.

• Get help with heavy work loads.

• Make arrangements to pay taxes.


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Additional resources:

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