How to Start a Child Day Care at Home
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How to Start a Child Day Care at Home

According to a report by ABC News, " a year of daycare is more expensive than a year at a public college." Wake up and start your own child day center at home. Millions of parents are looking for affordable day care services. If you can meet the requirements, you will be able to provide for your household in a fine manner. You can simply start out by being a babysitter for friends and family members.

You can learn how to start and operate a child day care at home. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, "about 33% of child care workers are self-employed, most of whom provided child care in their homes." You will develop the skills and abilities that are needed to provide high-quality child day care services in your city. The day care owner will care for children who have not entered school. You will feed, teach, and supervise the kids at your home. There is a high demand for this service because parents need child care services in order to go to work. Charge $50.00 a day for every child you keep. Build your day care center up to 10 kids and you can make $500 a day in less than 10 hours.

Things You'll Need:

  • Cash Start-Up $0-$3,000
  • Fingerprint Check
  • Negative TB Skin Test
  • Be at least 20 years old
  • Pass Background Check
  • Five Pound A-B-C Fire Extinguisher
  • Complete Infant/Child First Aid Training

Step 1 Child Care Education and Training

Obtain education and training to help you start a child day care at home. Keep in mind that each state may have different training and educational requirements. Improve your chances of success by earning a Child Development Associate credential. Make sure you specialize in Family Child Care training for children ages zero to five. Complete all educational requirements that are recommended by the local, state, and federal governments.

Step 2 Child Care Business License

Visit a municiple building to help you start a child day care at home. Apply for a license to operate a day care business at the city hall. Contact your state's Department of Revenue to get a state tax revenue number. Call the Internal Revenue service at (800) and register for a federal tax number. Buy business insurance that is designed for day care operations in your city.

Step 3 Child Care Business Plan

Design a business plan to help you start a child day care at home. Create the marketing section to promote the business and attract clients. Write the management section so that you will know how to run the business each day. Develop a financial section to monitor how you will spend and manage cash. Visit the Small Business Administration's website to learn additional strategies on how to operate a business. Do not borrow any money to start this home-based business.

Step 4 Child Care Home Inspections

Prepare for inspections to help you start a child day care at home. Tell the fire department you need an inspection to make sure that your home is safe to run a day care center. Make sure you have washing areas clean and the drinking water tested. Make sure that kids will not have access to a body of water, a firearm, or to an animal when they are at your home. Do not forget it is your responsibility to protect every child in your care.


Offer discounted services to parents that use your services frequently.

Start out small with one or two kids from friends or relatives.

Save the money you make so you can expand and provide meals.

Take advantage of government services that may be available.

Obtain children teaching aids and toys.


Keep records of the childrens activities during the day.

Develop an evacuation plan for tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, and other natural disasters.

Never release a child without the parents permission.

Do not hit a child or use bad language around a child.

Get help from persons that are certified when the work load increases.


Council for Professional Recognition

National Child Care Information Center

National Child Care Association

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics - Child Care Workers

Daycare Hotline


International Nanny Association

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Government Tools and Resources that Can Help

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211 Child Care

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