How To Make $500 Per Month in India Without Adsense
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How To Make $500 Per Month in India Without Adsense

This article will show you how to make a decent living online just by writing good quality articles without having adsense.These days adsense is becoming quite strict to the Indians and many of them loosing their accounts too without having any proper reason.But there are sites that gives you the opportunity to earn without adsense.

I have been in article writing for over a year now and i am still having problems making $500 per month which is my initial goal for the first year.The amount might fluctuate depending on the country but in India it is almost enough to make a living.

I started making money online in the late 2010 in Digitalpoint forum where i offered my writing services and earned a decent income over there.It is a great site where people always looking for a employees who can do their jobs.

I have always aimed to earn a good passive income through adsense but since they become very strict to Indians and offered some negotiations with their accounts,it is almost impossible to earn money from them in India.Only few lucky persons are making money from adsense in India.

Now i am currently writing for Infobarrel making around $150 from Chitika.

How to earn $500 In India?

Let's come to the main point now.It is not hard to make $500 per month in India without adsense.

Here are a few sites where you can make $500 per month:-

  • InfoBarrel:-

   The site i am currently writing on apart from Factoidz.I know it is tough to earn good enough money from them without adsense and still chitika is not quite up to the mark but still i recommend it.Give it a try,you won't be disappointed.If you have your adsense intact,chances are you could be a part of their success stories.

  • Factoidz:-

   Though the site is still new to me but the potential of this site can not be ignored.many writers claiming it but not sure how true it is.The site has no minimum payouts and also has upfront bonuses depending on the SEO of your article.

  • Constant-Content:-

   Another site that has high potential.It is basically a writing marketplace where you offer your articles and their clients will buy it if it meets their requirments.They offer may types of useage rights,you can choose how you want to sell it.They are very strict in approving articles.

  • Squidoo:-

   It is another great site where you can make that much.They like to call the webpages as lenses and you get paid depending on the lenserank of your lens which is updated everyday.

Note:This article is based on make money by writing only.That's why other ways are not included.

All the sites mentioned above pays via paypal and Adsense(InfoBarrel).

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