How to Increase Your Google AdSense Revenue/Earnings
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How to Increase Your Google AdSense Revenue/Earnings

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I am sure that most of you writers and bloggers will agree with me that making money with Google AdSense is indeed a tough task, right! A vast majority of internet users boast about making excellent earnings with Google AdSense, so how do they do it?

Well the answer is simple the Google earnings entirely depend on impressions and ad clicks. The more clicks you get from the online visitors, the more money you make. All the people who get thousands worth of cheques from Google AdSense have one thing in common. They all know the art of promoting their Google AdSense links online.

If you have a Google AdSense account and your earnings are just a few pennies or dollars a month, don’t be disheartened. As here is the answer to the most sought out question “How to increase your Google AdSense earnings?”

For all the online writers and bloggers out there, here is an amazing list of Google AdSense revenue earning websites, which will certainly help you to increase your earnings and achieve the minimum threshold payout easily and more rapidly. So simply join the Google AdSense revenue earning websites and increase your Google AdSense earnings instantly.

Google AdSense Revenue Earning Websites

1 Bukisa

Bukisa is one of the popular content writing website which accepts articles, videos, presentations, audio recordings and image slideshows. It happily allows you to republish your articles too. As a writer with a Google AdSense account , you can easily earn extra money from your articles by becoming a part of bukisa community.  Bukisa does not pay you directly, but you get paid from Google AdSense and Chitika.  Bukisa is indeed an excellent platform to increase your Google AdSense earnings.

2 Snipsly

Snipsly allows you to post just about any kind of content you like. At snipsly you can earn 80% AdSense revenue simply by posting links of your articles. The concept at snipsly is very simple you just need to submit minimum of 2-3 sentences, it is indeed easy to post without spending much of your time. Snipsly welcomes users from all over the world. Join Snipsly and boost your Google AdSense earnings to a great extent.

3 Yousaytoo

Yousaytoo is an excellent blogging community where you can add your blog, write new articles and easily increase your readership. It guides you to even host your blog and also helps you to get traffic. You can earn from it 50% AdSense revenue and also get the opportunity to integrate your Amazon affiliate ID. Yousaytoo is indeed a great website to double your earnings.

4 Shetoldme

Shetold me is an social bookmarking website and an excellent online resource to attract more traffic to your online content. Besides increasing your online visibility it helps you to earn some extra money by incorporating your Google AdSense program. Shetoldme offers100% AdSense revenue for your links and your referrals. As a writer you can easily earn some extra money by posting links at Shetoldme.

5 Webanswers

Webanswers pays you to ask and answer questions. It is an excellent website which gives you the opportunity to earn money by learning. Ask and learn from the answers on various topics and integrate your Google AdSense account and earn 60% of AdSense revenue. If you like to help people and want to get paid for asking and answering questions, join Webanswers and increase your Google AdSense revenue.

Besides these other Google AdSense revenue earning websites are Webnuggetz, Xomba, Triond, InfoBarrel, Seekyt, PageBump and Blogspot.

Most important thing is to promote your work published on Google AdSense revenue sites. To learn how to promote your online links check Make Money from Your Content How to Increase Your Daily Views

you have an amazing list of Google AdSense revenue earning websites, so what are you waiting for? Go and start your journey of increasing your Google AdSense earnings by publishing your online content on these revenue sharing websites. Best of luck !

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Excellent article, I use Chitika so I'm going to check which of these sites allows Chikita as well, as does Bukisa.

Thanks for sharing this. I'll check them one by one, though Bukisa and Yousaytoo are already familiar to me...

Superb article, Some sites mentioned herein are totally new to me. Thanks for sharing them. I haven't been able to get anything from Triond and Bukisa so far. The Main problem with earning money from Google adsense is you need a "convertible niche". I am getting around 50 visitors through google search itself but none is converting into clicks. 2-3 of my articles Rank 1st on page 1 of google and fetch me around 50 visitors for that keyword. But the niche itself seems to be unprofitable, those visitors are only interested to read and not to click ads. There is almost 0 conversion from visitors in last 3 months. Only 3$ earned so far :D :P.

Great well written article.thanks for posting

I am a member of all the sites except webanswers. I find bukisa a good place to join. You can also try redgage. thanks for sharing. vote up

sajjad bhatti

This very helpful to me and new bloggers. I have to sites one of them is (3000 Visitors/day and arround 8-9000 pages/day) and the 2nd one is new blog, please look at them and tell me what's wrong with the Adsense code placement beacause I'm only earning 2-3 $/day. How can I improve it, please help me? my email


Way Increase Money From Google Adsense(


This is a very helpful information to me. thanks bro