How to Easily Make Money from Facebook Using the Facebook Forum Feature
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How to Easily Make Money from Facebook Using the Facebook Forum Feature

Facebook can be used to make some good money if the right strategy is applied. One of the ways through which you could make money from Facebook is through then free forum feature in your Facebook account; a tool that allows you to create your own forum. While the process might take some time, it is a good means of plucking in some extra income over and over again.

Facebook has become one of the most popular and favorite of the social bookmarking sites in recent times. Individuals, firms and conglomerates now have a Facebook page for their fans or products and this is mainly because of the millions of people that visit Facebook on a daily basis.

However, what most people don’t know is that aside using Facebook as a promotional tool for your business, you could also make some very good money from Facebook. Truth be said, there are several ways of doing this, that is, making money from Facebook but I will show you in this article how to use the forum feature to make really good money from your Facebook account.

The Forum Feature In Facebook and Its Importance To The Information Marketer

Many informational marketers do frown at the idea of using the forum feature of Facebook to make money. They believe that the process is slow compared to some other means. But one thing about using forum feature is that once your integrity and authority has been verified, you make money in the tens of dollars continually; depending on the number of persons you have in the forum.

The question now is: how do you start or how do you use the forum feature?

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will have to open one and start connecting with friend. If you already have an account with friends in the hundreds or thousands, then better. Assuming you have about 5, 000 friends in Facebook which is the limit that Facebook places on the number of friends you can have, then you stand in good stead of making a fortune.

How To Create Your Own Facebook Forum

Creating your own Facebook forum is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. The following tips should help.

  • Click on the link on your home page that bears FORUM
  • Follow the instructions and fill up all the required information
  • Choose a relevant and catchy name for your forum
  • Include a relevant FORUM picture depicting what the forum is all about
  • Invite all your friends. There is a tool that does that in the forum there

Now, the forum is set with your friends all invited and eager to know what your forum is all about. The purpose of the forum is to market your digital product / information product. It could be an eBook or software. You can even use it to promote an affiliate link.

However, don’t be eager to start dishing out products to sell. You have to win their trust first and this might take a month or two. Remember it’s a lifetime venture. At this stage, start a discussion. If it’s on relationship, then start a discussion and watch the reaction of the forum members. Partake in all the discussion and give out good freebies and resources to your forum members on the software’s or eBooks you want to sell in the future. They should be appetizers and not the full package. Generally, create a stand as an authority on matters discussed in the forum. You will observe that some persons will start asking questions and putting problems forward. If you don’t have an eBook on these problems been put forward; create one or better get a public label right (PLR) material on it. But I would suggest that you create one since you have put yourself forward as an established authority in that area.

When you must have won the trust of the forum members, put forward your eBook or software for them to buy. You will be surprised at the response. I have used this strategy several times; over and over again. However, you might consider using a new Facebook account since Facebook don’t encourage using their platform as a marketing tool.

I sincerely hope you do give this strategy a trial. It sure is worth it.

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Comments (19)

Thank you so much for this excellent share.I am going to give it a try :)

You are welcome Ruby...and I assure you that it does work; with some dint of hard and smart work though. Have a nice day.

Hummm . . . "don’t be eager to start dishing out products to sell. You have to win their trust first and this might take a month or two." Sounds deceptive and devious to me.

Dear Sir James, an Information Marketer needs to win the trust of its client, otherwise you might never make a sale. Conveting your forum members into potential customers is the purpose of using the facebook forum feature for marketing. Been devious lies on the individual; and once you deceive a person once, you might not succeed the second time. I teach this method to my seminar clients and so far they have been doing well; with no need to deceive people. This is where seeind a need and creating a corresponding product comes into play. Do have a pleasant day my good friend James.

Seems worth to try. I never knew this feature before. Thanks for sharing.

Even so, I'm not sure all cultures and all generations would see it that way . . .

Interesting ideas. Vote up!

You explained this very well, however, I'm not an FB fan.

Thanks Pat and Sandy.....appreciate the comments

An interesting concept. I do agree that you have to be a trustworthy person with integrity. Not neccessarily earning trust that is based on a pretense of integrity and good-will, but actually Having integrity and honesty at the heart of your business dealings and being forthright and transparent.

Thanks Madam Judith. Truth is an Information Marketer will not last long in the business without absolute trust and good product that will really some problems. That is the thrust of using facebook forum tool. Thanks again for the addition and time taken to read the piece....appreciate.

Valuable information presented well.Thank you.

Thanks a lot for the advice. However, if you have some ways to add facebook friends fast, please tell me... as that seems to be the biggest problem in facebook.

Good information on Facebook. I have used it before as well as twitter but not for selling products, A friend of mine there did though with a entire business of collectables. I really only want my written work to be read

Wow very detailed information on the topic. Thanks for educating me on this.

This is how you lose friends on Facebook, don't be dumb enough to try this... You may gain their trust by putting legitimate products on your forum but don't tell me it doesn't make you look just a little desperate...

@Jason - It really depends on what you use FB for. I use it mainly for personal stuff and wouldn't post my products on it. However I did create a FB page for my art that stands alone from my personal page. I agree that my friends would probably all "unsubscribe" to my posts if I started blasting my page with a bunch of products but it is legitimate to "create a page" for your business and ask your friends to "like" your page and spread the word - would you agree?

"dumb enough to try this..." is a little too strong to use when you dont cherish an idea. Well, thanks for dropping by and big thanks to you Judith for the clarifications and additions.

And for the record, the FORUM is a unit of your FB account; not your entire FB account. Your friends or visitors must not subscribe to it, its optional so losing friends is totally out of the question here. The FORUM feature is mainly for information dissemination purposes with interested parties; not a must; and good information marketers dont miss this opportunity. If putting products on a FORUM makes a marketer desperate....LOL...then I guess all information marketers are a desperate lot.