FreebieJeebies Review: Legitimate Free Stuff or Is It A Scam?
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FreebieJeebies Review: Legitimate Free Stuff or Is It A Scam?

FreebieJeebies is a website that gives its users an opportunity to spend a minimal amount of money, and get prizes like a PS3, or a Plasma TV. As you can imagine, many people are sceptical about this at first, so read this review to help you decide whether or not you want to go through with this program.

FreebieJeebies is a website that claims to be able to give you free gifts, from a wide range of selections. How do you do this? You simply complete an offer. Yes, this offer may require you to pay 10$ or so, but if FreebieJeebies lives up to its claim, you will get a free item at the end of this process. This is not just like a $2 item, you can in fact get things like PS3 consoles, iPod Touches, and much much more. When you are signing up, you can choose the item that you wish to receive. The site will then tell you how many referrals you need to get in order to get this item. So, how does this site actually make enough money to be able to pay for all this stuff that you are buying and is it legitimate?

First of all, the money originates from the people that are telling you to complete the offer. They pay this site to promote their website. Although they might not make money from what is required, which might be a $10 requirement, they now have potential customers (you and your refferals). Of course, it is completely up to you whether you actually continue to use these peoples service. The money then goes to FreebieJeebies, and they use some of that money to pay for the item you are getting. They will then ship it out, and everyone will be happy. You have your item, the client has their potential customers, and the website has their share of the money. This is the process in theory, but does it really work?

The evidence across the net is overwhelming pointing to the fact that this site is not a scam. Even if you do a google search on "Freebiejeebies scam", not one result will come up on the first page that is all out attacking the site. Usually, this means it is not a scam, however you may want to form your own opinion. The fact that the whole site has been on TV, would make you think that it is almost definately not a scam. If you follow the Terms and Conditions, chances are, you will end up with the item of your choice. The numbers do add up, so it's not like there is money appearing out of nowhere, which is what happens with most scams, so chances are, this site is legitimate. Go ahead and sign up, after all, what is $10 when you might be letting a huge opportunity like this go by. 

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Comments (1)

Very well written review. It answered all the questions I had regarding this site.