Best Paid Survey Site: Global Test Market vs. Panda Research
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Best Paid Survey Site: Global Test Market vs. Panda Research

In this report

This product review aims to compare two different paid survey companies namely, the Global Test Market and Panda Research Company. Normally, people would tend to seek knowledge as to which is the best site to join between the two. They often want to get ideas on who gives higher earnings and higher rate of surveys, and who has better customer support. Moreover, people are eager to know who is more legitimate so that they would not fall into scams and not waste their time and effort in joining into companies that aren’t paying at all. Thus to give people clearer comparison of the earnings, rate of surveys, customer support, and legitimacy of Global Test Market and Panda Research, this report has been made.

#1 - Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the renowned survey companies in the world that conduct online market research through surveys. It has more than 5 million members around the world who receive numerous surveys every week through mail. Their surveys are diverse and focused on a variety of topics. Earnings in filling out surveys can be cash out through checks and paid if the member accumulates 1000 points. Surveys that members do end up qualifying are worth ten points. Moreover, if you do not qualify for a certain survey, you will still be rewarded in some form for the time that you took out of your day in an attempt to qualify for a survey. This can be seen as the most notable feature of the company. But despite of all these pros, Global Test Market also experiences bad days like any other paid survey companies. Sometimes they provide fair amounts of survey on a weekly basis so the journey to reaching the threshold can be harder than other company. There are also surveys that members would not qualify for. They also provide only checks as their method of payment to their members. They have fair customer support as well.

#2 - Panda Research

Panda Research is a market research company which offers paid surveys to its members in the United States. Their surveys are accessed through a frequently updated database and are sent out to their members from time to time through e-mails. The registration to their site is easy although you have to consider a lot of things before joining. You must be a U.S. Citizen, 18 years of age or older, an individual and not a business entity. You must also use internet explorer only to be guaranteed of payment nevertheless, they provide good customer support for their members when it comes to payment of earnings. Their key differentiators notable to other survey companies includes compensation of cash, free product samples and gift promotions to members, use of referral scheme in which you will earn 10% for every survey made by your referral, and provision of incentives for reading e-mails sent by advertisers which is added up to your earnings for an amount of 0.03$ to 0.25$. These payments are sent to the members through Paypal within 30 days of request. However, Panda Research also has its flaws. Panda research is only open to U.S. citizens and their minimum payment threshold is 50$ which is said to be very hard to achieve.

The Bottom Line

In summary, both Global Test Market and Panda Research are good paid survey sites that provide decent earnings and surveys. As to the question of what site is better, it cannot be merely answered because they are both distinct in different criteria. In terms of compensation plan and payment method, Panda Research would be a better choice because it offers numerous benefits and paying scheme to their members through Paypal unlike Panda Research who offers only few compensation plans and whose members are paid through checks. However, when it comes to membership, Global Test Market is a better choice because it accepts members around the world unlike Panda Research that is exclusively for U.S. citizens only. While as to legitimacy of the site, they both are long established and paying sites so it is safe to take surveys on these two. 

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