10 Ways to Make Money from Home
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10 Ways to Make Money from Home

Earning money from home via home-based business is not only possible but can be very lucrative.

With the rising cost of living today many people are choosing to subsidize their income by working from home part-time. The money they earn can supplement their monthly living expenses or allow a little extra to take a much deserved vacation.

Working from home also allows family involvement if desired. This in itself can be a bonus for many. Having a home-based business does not mean you have to stay at home to work; it just means one is based from home and can take advantage of certain tax deductions.

Some ways to earn extra money are as follow:

1. Childcare – for those who want to stay home and raise their own children, take care of the children of other working parents as well. Childcare is big business and many earn a modest living doing so.

2. Cleaning services – many businesses prefer to hire sub-contractors to clean their store or offices in the evening. This saves them money as they do not have to pay vacation pay, overtime or provide medical benefits.

3. Pet sitting – when families go on vacation, they are not always able to take their pets along. For anyone with a love for animals, this is a perfect business to operate from home and one which can involve the whole family.

4. Bookkeeping services – with only a handful of clients, income can easily be supplemented or even replaced by managing other’s finances. This is a business which does require diligence and constant upgrading so your clients receive the most up-to-date tax breaks.

5. Crafts – many people earn extra money for the holidays by simply stockpiling crafts they make throughout the year. A few weeks before the holiday season, they will attend craft sales and bazaars to sell their items.

6. Copywriting – for those who have a way with words writing ad copy or articles can bring in enough cash to take that dream vacation. It does require perseverance and perfection but is worth the time in the end. An internet search on writing for cash will leave any writer with thousands of possibilities.

7. Shopping services – often times there are people in the community who are unable to do their own shopping. For the right person, this could become a very lucrative business venture. Keep in mind the client has to trust the shopper; it may take time to build up a client list.

8. Organizing services – every community has people who cannot seem to get organized no matter what. This is where a tailored system and someone to implement it comes into play. Keep in mind confidentiality is a large part of keeping this business going.

9. Alteration services – for those who like to sew this can become a lucrative endeavour. It takes patience and good people skills to make a business such as this work, simply due to the fact that human beings are not the easiest species to please.

10. Painting services – for the person who loves to paint, this business can easily have them working full time. Doing a quick but thorough job will have referrals knocking at the door on a regular basis.

Working from home or at home can be very rewarding indeed. There is nothing stopping anyone from trying any one of these methods to improve their quality of life. Good luck to all!

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Comments (16)

this is a great list here, its really hard nowadays to make ends meet.

Thank you! It is best to start small and work your way up as opposed to going into debt to start a business. Take it from someone who has learned the hard way.

WEll done list with lots of good ideas with low outlay. I will come back with a vote.

Thank you Roberta! There are so many scams floating around, it is best to start a tried and true business; one that requires actual physical work as opposed to "entering data". This only works if the data being entered is dollar figures from business transactions; hence, the role of the Bookkeeper.

Time came sooner than expected to award you with a well deserved vote up.

Thank you! I hope my list inspires others to start successful businesses.

I wish all these options were available over here where I live!

Christine, being a member of Factoidz is giving you an option. This list is just a fraction of all of the businesses that can be started from home and for little cost. Good luck, and thank you for the follow!

I am back to re-read your composition for a friend who wanted me to share these with her.

Thank you once again Roberta! Please feel free to share with anyone you choose.

Really useful article. More and more people are looking to make enough money to live in these difficult times

Thank you Bridget! In many cases it is not feasible for both parent's to work outside the home, but the extra income is still needed. This is especially true in smaller communities where the options are very limited. Plus, with the cost of child care it doesn't make much sense to pay someone else to raise your children when you are only breaking even after paying the sitter.

Important info here. I am out of votes, so promoted, thanks.

Thank you Phoenix! These are low cost ways to earn some extra money; many have no upfront cost. When people are wanting to make extra money they do not want to have to spend a bundle to do so.

Thanks for sharing the great ideas. There are numerous ways to make money online from home.

@ Katrina - Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. :)